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You'll receive these 3 amazing tools when you sign-up for the 5-Day Challenge:
  • 5 Day Challenge Manual:  The Challenge Manual offers you step-by-step instructions for each day including what to eat and when to eat.  It also includes tips on what to avoid, how to prep and prepare for success, and how to handle snacks.  You'll also get my top 2 techniques for managing stress. 
  • 5 Day Challenge Recipes:  The Challenge Recipe Guide includes 10 delicious recipes you'll eat during the challenge.  (You'll probably continue to eat them long after too!)
  • Access to Private Facebook Support Group:  As a participant, you get full access to the private FB Support Group where you'll get additional coaching from me as well as incredible support and motivation from other women on the same journey.  The group is seriously amazing!
How It Works:
You'll receive one daily email which will include a key topic and daily step-by-step instructions:
  • Day 1: You'll learn exactly what to eat for breakfast to set you up for success all day (including recipes!)
  • Day 2:  I'll teach you the one thing you need to avoid to get a handle on those cravings.
  • Day 3:  You'll learn how to cook once and eat at least twice, plus get my dinner recipes that stabilize blood sugar and keep you from binge eating an entire bag of chips while watching old episodes of Grey's Anatomy. :)
  • Day 4:  I'll teach you what to choose for balanced snacks, including one of my very favorite recipes.
  • Day 5:  You'll learn why managing stress is so important and 2 simple techniques to help you do so!
Hey, I'm Cheryl....  Nice to meet you!
I'm Cheryl - Founder of Live Wise Coaching and a certified Integrative Health Coach who specializes in helping women in their late 40’s and early 50’s to lose menopausal weight and build healthy habits so that they can live healthier, happier, and more active lives.  I am also the creator of the FEMMI Formula, a low-carb approach to eating that stablizes blood sugar, revs metabolism, and promotes fat loss and doesn't require you to give up life's simple pleasures.

I have learned from coaching countless women through their mid-life health journeys that carb cravings are NOT about willpower, NOT about restriction, and they are NOT emotional.  Cravings are physiological, which is WAY easier to handle once you understand how your body uses food.  Pretty great, right?

I am confident the 5 Day Challenge to End Carb Cravings works because it is based on the exact changes I made when I first set out to lose 40 lbs and take back my life back.
Be Healthy. Be Happy.
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